About Us

Tincas Trading Limited (“Tincas”) is a trading house focused on the aggregation of select solid minerals for international export. Whilst we understand the dynamics of the local trading markets, over time our objective is to vertically integrate with the sources of supply so that we can create more transparent and sustainable supply chains.

The minerals we trade are sought after by the international metals markets and by combining reliable sources of supply with the right financial procurement structures, we are able to offer our clients the right quality and volume of supply.


The company’s business objective is to aggregate mineral and deliver to pre-agreed specifications acceptable to the international marketplace.

Our core focus is the purchase of minerals that we believe are “strategic” to key industries across the aerospace, automobile, defense and technology sectors. These minerals form part of complex supply chains and their uses cannot be easily replaced, nor are as correlated to the larger volume commodities associated with steel production. We believe these strategic minerals therefore have good long-term prospects and a bright future with continued improvements in sectors leveraging the advancements in materials science.


  • Our team and its partners are competent across the many facets of the mineral supply chain from upstream sourcing of the mineral to the downstream buyers and end users.

  • Experience has been acquired working on-the-ground in Africa establishing “buying hubs” and managing the buying, processing, export documentation and cash management essential to operating a smooth purchasing cycle.

  • We also have team members with strong investment and operations experience, having worked in the major finance and trading capitals of Europe and Africa.


We welcome opportunities to work with local supply sources who prefer to establish a relationship with a local buyer who understands their supply chain and working capital constraints.

  Furthermore, we are willing to structure expedited payment terms with suppliers once continuity and quality of supply is established.  Over time and as we develop confidence in our supply partners, we are also open to reviewing helping suppliers scale their production.